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    Time for a reunion?

Reunions in Peterborough

“Haven’t seen family, friends, colleagues for a long time – time for a reunion “?

Let The Queensgate Hotel organise the reunion that you will never forget…..

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Whether it is a party here in the hotel, or organising an event outside, our events team will be happy to coordinate your reunion, ensuring you get the perfect mix of fun activities, but with plenty of time to catch up with old friends! So, let us take the stress of trying to organise a weekend away so you can enjoy the reunion too. Don’t waste anymore time and be the person who makes the first move to organise something that you’ve all been speaking about for years. Find out what your football captain or maths geek are up to now.

Call our events coordinator on 01733 562 572 or email mkt@thequeensgatehotel.co.uk and we’ll be in touch to get the experience started.

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