Superb food choices including a Gluten free menu!
  • Choice of Menu
    Sweet Olives Restaurant.
  • Wide range of beverages
    Tyr our own brand Quens Keg
  • Casual reception
    Autherntic fresh food

Food Choices at Queensgate Hotel

Guests tell us that they want variety and quality plus catering for particular diets or tastes, when it comes to food. Here at Queensgate Hotel, you have a choice of in-restaurant dining, lounge and bar food or in-room service. We take on board people’s differences in dietary needs, be it vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, healthy, 'lite' eating or other special dietary requests.

You should certainly try our branded Mediterranean restaurant, Sweet Olives®. The variety and great taste will make you keep coming back. The menu leans on healthy and fresh. As the restaurant motto states – it's a food adventure

If your booking is complicated in that it is not easily covered by the automated system - please do not hesitate to call 01733 562 572.

Our menu is changed regularly - please call for details.

Please note that due to Covid our restaurant is operating on reduced hours and days, and we cannot guarantee any product availability.  Please call for details.

Please note, we do not currently accept any discount cards such as Meerkat meals, tastecard etc.

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To reserve your table
(1) Select a table. Table start times vary - therefore you should be able to find a slot that suits your personal timing.  
(2) Select your date
(3) Follow the display and enter your details.
You will receive a confirmation email of your booking. Any queries please call 01733 562572.


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