• Conveniently Located
    A 10 minute walk from Peterborough City Centre, an hour drive from Central London
  • From 2 to 60 Delegates
    Choice of layouts and choice of rooms. All with natural light and air-conditioning
  • Prestige but Value
    Superb facilities but highly competitive rates.

Centre of Business and Personal Excellence

Centre of Business and Personal Excellence

At the Queensgate we see meetings in the context of people’s communication needs and how they relate to the objectives users have set for the meeting. That’s why our meeting rooms are furnished with up to date communication tools, plus have built in flexibility to change to suit your agenda.  This is complemented by our approach aimed at easing your organisational burden.  That way, you have the opportunity maintain focus on what is important for your company and have productive meetings.

All rooms are air conditioned and come complete with white boards, a variety of “creative” props, flexible lighting, white paper and other accessories. As options you may add the video conferencing suite, full or portable projection facility, TV quality recording of your meeting in which you control the cameras, or they can be manned, or set to auto.

Business Centre

We also have a range of value added services, the variety of which will surprise you. These include the services of experienced coaches who can facilitate more productive meetings; or behaviour profiling (DISC) for better team work, or pre-interview for better candidate selection. How can we provide such a wide variety of specialist services?

In two ways; the first is that the Hotel hosts a Centre of Business & Personal Excellence and so affords us the services of experienced business coaches. The second reason is that Hotel’s philosophy is to act as a conduit for networking for the local community – if we can’t do it ourselves, we normally know somebody who can!

Meeting facilities we can provide include:

  • meetings rooms for 2 up to 40 in luxury theatre style more if delegates are hosted in standard chairs

  • board room facilities for up to 5, 12, 35 delegates

  • flexible communications hardware – wireless and wired net in multiple location in the room

  • full projection facility, with capability of two computers connected to the projector, so you can switch between the main presenter and a secondary presenter

  • Portable screen and projector for added flexibility

  • full air conditioning

  • Meet and Greet facilities for your guests – you have your own receptionist!

Meeting costs – we’ll charge you in the most cost-effective for you. Charges can be made by :-

  • room hire from £50

  • Day Delegate rate from £25 per delegate to include meeting room hire, refreshments and say, lunch

  • 24 Hour Delegate rate from £105 per delegate to include meeting room hire, accommodation, lunch, dinner & breakfast

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